February 21, 2024
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Get Familiar With These Modelling Terms

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Entering the modelling world as a fresher is a tough path; everything is so new and fresh. There is a new challenge waiting for you after every step you take right from the portfolio to walking on the ramp. There would also come a time when you won’t understand what people are talking about. There are few terms and phrases that you do not understand in a group discussion but, as a newbie in the field of modelling, you nod along with the other models so that you are not left out. And later search about it on the internet or ask your senior model friend.

Everything is totally fine until you do not get yourself in some kind of trouble because of unawareness of the modelling terms and phrases. So, to save you from that in this article we have few model;ing terms that will help you throughout your career.

Let us grab the knowledge of modelling terms and phrases


Age category defines the age range you belong to and it depends on the type of modelling. For instance, kids modelling age range is 2 to 12 years and for high-fashion modelling, age range is 16 to 21 years.


Art Director is the person who designs the set of your photoshoot, advertisement, or fashion show. He/she can be an independent contractor or someone who is employed by an advertising agency, a magazine or photographer.


Beauty shot is your headshot with natural makeup and simple hairstyle and it describes your face in an elegant and beautiful manner. There are no accessories involved in this shot like a jewelry or hair accessories that distracts from your skin, bone structure, and overall features.


Billing form is a form which is used by models to record the names of clients, job descriptions, number of hours worked, the rate of pay, and expenses. This form involves the signature of the client, the model gives one copy to the client, forwards one to the agency and keep one copy for himself/herself.


When we hear ‘book’, the only thing that hits our mind is a notebook but, that is not in case of the modelling world. Here a ‘book’ refers to the portfolio of the models.


Booker is a person who works in the modelling industry and handles all the booking, scheduling appointments and assignments of the models.


Booking conditions generally involve the factors that exist in a booking and for which the model may be paid more. Few modelling agencies establish booking conditions that outline fee specifications for cancellations of any project, weather permitting bookings, overtime or weekend fees, or bonuses for a variety of other conditions.


This is the term used by the models when a model books out that simply means he/she makes specific hours or days they are unavailable for assignments.


Buy Out term is an arrangement wherein the clients will issue the model a one-time payment for use of their work rather than pay residuals.


Call back is a second audition or meeting where the client wants to test your capabilities right before the final hiring decision.


A mass audition or interview which numerous model attends is known as a ‘Cattle Call’.


A chart is basically a file or sheet used by the model to keep a check on his/her schedule, appointments, and other activities.


The rate charged for the model’s full 8 hour day of work.


Editorial models are the high-fashion models who work for clients such as Armani, Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Louis Vuitton and other high-end clients and get featured in fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Details, W, and Numero.


An audition which numerous models attend so that the clients can see them in person. The models go and see the clients.


Haute Couture is a French word for high fashion.


Headsheet contains the headshot of the models that the agencies provide to the clients when asked.


Mother agent is the person who has discovered and transformed you into a model, the one who develops your look, build your book and market you to major and secondary markets. Mother agents play an important part in your career by helping you navigate the various markets and managing your career long term.


SAG refers to ‘Screen Actors Guild’.


Sed card is usually pronounced as Zed card and is named after a German agent who invented it.


Stats refers to the model’s statistics such as height, bust, waist, hips. For men, it is height, chest, and waist. The demand for statistics differs from agencies to agencies.


Tearsheet stands for an actual page from a magazine catalog or other print job in which the model has worked.


Test photoshoots are done by models to test their different looks and start building their books with photos and these are paid photoshoot.


TPF is the short form of ‘Time For Prints’. It is when the model is posing for a photographer and then the photographer will give the model prints for their book in return. These are done by the photographers who are building their portfolio or someone who are trying some new photography techniques.


When the models complete their job or an assignment, an invoice is signed by the models which are known as ‘Voucher’. The model handovers this voucher to the agency where he/she works so that the client can be billed and the model gets his/her pay.

Now that you are aware of all the modelling terms and phrases, you can actually take part in the modelling discussion and put your views instead of nodding along. If you want to know more such terms then do visit this blog by thebalance. Also, we would be glad to read your views on this blog. So, let us know in the comment section below how this article helped you.