February 21, 2024
Leather Skirt-modelling agencies in mumabi

Fashionable Skirts That Are Trending In 2017

Fashion does not remain constant. Every year there are some new trends in fashion which we have to follow with respect to the latest one. One of the important elements of fashion is a skirt. There are different variations in skirts which vary with the types, fabrics, design, prints, textures, and colors. This defines their uniqueness and style that directly relates to fashion. So, let us see what you can collect for your wardrobe in 2017.


Leather Skirt

Female punks are highly attracted to leather skirts. Leather skirts are smooth and they can be short or long. These are worn by the women with sexy and graceful figure. The most popular is one with the knee length.

Leather Skirt-modelling agencies in mumabi

Wrap Skirt

The specialty of the wrap skirt is that it can be worn by any body shape lady. It is just a rectangular piece which can be wrapped around the waist. This type of skirts is wearable at beach or as a casual wear too with a halter tee tank tops as well.

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Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are straight and tight at the knees. This type of skirt is mostly used as formal wear and suits best to the perfect body shape. These skirts are also called as business skirts. If teamed up with crop-top, high-necked or Blazers will give the most seductive look.

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Denim Skirt

Denim skirts are highly demanded for each and every season. From micro skirts to ankle-length, all types of denim skirts are very popular. Tees, shirts and denim jackets with high boots will give a good combination to the skirt.

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Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are long and loose from the waist. They look elegant with the floral, striped or polka dots prints. It suits better to a tall woman when teamed with big bold belts and halter tops.

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Mini Skirts

Miniskirts are usually worn in parties, casual parties, friend’s night out. They look cute and sexy on the woman with medium or short heights. Sneakers and full-sleeved shirt look very stylish with this skirt.

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Skirts with slits

Skirts with slit are fascinating and alluring. They are suitable for festive events and office events too. Crop tops, Blazer with lace-up sandals is a seductive blend for this type of skirt.

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