February 21, 2024
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Facts about Fashion!

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  • Napoleon who was known for war also contributed to fashion industry in many ways. One of his contributions is buttons on the sleeves of our jacket. The reason behind his contribution is that his soldiers use to wipes their noses on sleeves. In order to avoid this action he started stitching buttons on sleeves
  • 1943 was the year in which the first Fashion Week started in New York. The reason behind this was to divert the attention of French fashion and start with American designers during World War II
  • Out of 40 Fashion Weeks the 5 greatest Fashion Weeks are held in the fashion capital of the world namely- New York, Milan, London, Berlin and Paris. With Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the International Circuit is start of by New York. There are about 100 official Fashion events.
  • Most of the Presidents and CEO’s of fashion industry are men. Surprisingly most of the employees at executive level are men as compare to women
  • An Italian fashion designer, Valentino Garavani, designed red dresses similar to that of Coco Chanel’s Little Black Dress. The red dresses designed by Valentino Garavani became so popular that they were nicknamed as ‘Valentino Red’
  • For over 7000 years, cotton fabric was used for clothing. 215 pair of jeans could be made from just 1 bale of cotton.
  • The canvas topped shoe was produced by U.S Rubber Company in 1917, which were usually called as Keds, and now are called as sneakers.
  • Doc Martens were first created from old tires.
  • Till 16th – 17th century both men and women used to wear skirts. In fact skirts are one of the oldest garments with lion clothes preceding it.
  • Till 1500, the miniature dolls were used by fashion designers to display their cloths designs. The real human models came after 1853.
  • The 1st fake eyelashes was invented by D.W. Griffith, a silent Hollywood film Producer. The reason behind this invention was to enhance the eyelids of her actress’s. Those eyelids were made from real hairs.