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We are one of the top Modelling Agencies in Mumbai, India for all aspiring models who want to enter the glamour world and a modelling agencies in Mumbai for also all those people who want to avail the services of the models in Mumbai. We are a six year old company that is into model management. It’s a modelling agency in Mumbai that will ensure that all the models in Mumbai you wanted are just there for you.

We have an extensive database of Mumbai models and in an effort to stand apart from the crowd Modelling Agencies Mumbai takes special efforts to train the models and ensure that the clients get to see the very best qualities of the models. Besides training the models in presentation skills, a special emphasis is also laid down on training the models in communication skills.

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Why we not compare Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone

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Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra have become rivals. At least thats what the news portals want us to believe. These two highly successful B-town actresses are now competing for the same space in Hollywood. Who is better ? Will Priyanka win the American box-office with her Baywatch reboot or will Deepika’s xXx: Return of Xander Cage become an international rage? Fans are polarised and both the actresses have their loyal followers campaigning for them. But is the comparison between Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone fair? We don’t think so. Here’s why

1) Experience matters
What people don’t understand is there is a gap between PC and DP. No we aren’t talking about age here. Our ladies have proved time and again that age is just a number that no one should be bothered about. The gap is in experience. Priyanka Chopra has been around in the industry for more years than Deepika. She has seen the evolution of the industry. PC debuted in 2003 while DP came along in 2007. So PC has done all sorts of films before making a mark. Deepika Padukone too debuted with a superstar and despite that, managed to shine bright in Om Shanti Om. With such a vast difference, do you think it is fair to pit them against each other?

2) Not same 2 same
Priyanka and Deepika’s roles are completely different in their Hollywood debuts. Priyanka plays a baddie, a stylish one at that. We are sure Baywatch has never seen such a deliciously sinister woman in their cast. She is going to rock that role, we have no doubts about that. Deepika on the other hand, plays Serena, who is part of Vin Diesel’s gang in xXx:Return of Xander Cage which is borderline intense. You can’t even call it a negative character because it isn’t as the film will be shown from the point of view of this gang. That means both the ladies are doing different things in their debut which clearly says there will be no common point to compare them and yet people are doing so.

3) Target audience

Baywatch and xXx: Return of Xander Cage are targeting two different audiences. Baywatch is a hit 80s show which was watched by many across the world. It is getting a cinematic reboot with Priyanka’s film. So people who have liked the earlier show will definitely check it out. There is a huge nostalgia factor attached to it. Deepika’s xXx however is a continuation of a series after a long years. It sees the return of the original lead cast with Vin Diesel and the series has been a popular one. People who love action will definitely check this movie out. There will be a spillover for sure but the films have clearly demarcated their territories in terms of audience.

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Top 10 World’s Highest-Paid Models of 2016

Watch Now! full video of top 10 world highest paid models of 2016 year. Gisele Bundchen $30.5m (£22m), Adriana Lima $10.5m (£8m),  Kendall Jenner $10m (£7.6m), Karlie Kloss $10m (£7.6m), Gigi Hadid $9m (£6.8m), Rosie Huntington-Whiteley $9m, Cara Delevingne $8.5m, Candice Swanepoel $7m these are the top celebrity and models they usually charge the above amount we have shared.

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Tips to Boost your Confidence in the Modelling Industry

Appearing assured and self assured while navigating through the business will appear to be a tough task to undertake with several professionals to impress. once feeling anxious, nervous and unsure of yourself during a world that demands confidence and is packed with rejection it will be a struggle to feel bound of your talent. The emotions and feelings that naturally arise throughout now will leave you desirous to quit on your dream or indeed stop you from realising your potential. However, it’s necessary that these feelings don’t hinder your pursuit of following your modelling career. realize three reasons of a way to boost your confidence and not let your insecurity and concern stop you from acceptive opportunities that arise.

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Before agreeing to any casting or modelling chance it’s necessary to be ready by doing all of your analysis. The additional information that you simply have a couple of scenario can cause you to feel additional assured concerning the task ahead and therefore the scenario. resolve concerning the corporate, venue and travel route to avoid anxiety seizing on the morning of a briefing or meeting. Prepare your outfit the night before, set up your technique of transport and set your alarm in many time to induce prepared within the morning. designing the acceptable quantity of your time can provide you to feel assured on the day as you’ll not be upset concerning being late and unprepared. associate degree organized approach to life and career things can provide you to be additional assured in eventualities that naturally bring nerves. it should facilitate to compile a listing to assist bear in mind your set up as unorganisation breeds unsettledness.

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Positive thinking

It is necessary to not specialise in negative thoughts and embrace all the positive options of yourself and your life. housing on rejection and disheartened thoughts can lead you into an area of insecurity and self doubt. However, positive thinking can bring confidence and a high self-worth which will radiate from you and show in every step of your career. Push all self crucial comments to the rear of your mind and refuse to allow them to dominate your day. getting into a casting with a smiling, happy face can cause you to seem sturdy and powerful instead of meek and back. typically simulation to feel a precise approach will truly turn out to be a reality and permit for you to face your fears head on. you’ll feel thus pleased with your accomplishments when guaranteeing that your confidence levels square measure a lot of higher. All models and business consultants have felt unsure at some purpose in their life however don’t let it stop them achieving their goals.

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Self image
Getting up within the morning, dressing in your favorite outfit, applying your make-up and styling your hair can result in a colossal confidence boost. typically you will want acting from your bed and staying in your pyjamas however when a few of hours it’ll cause you to feel low. Therefore, push yourself to induce showered and dressed to boost your perception of yourself and transfer your feelings from negative to positive. once attending a gathering or photoshoot that induces nerve placed on your favorite outfit and elegance your face and hair.

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Awesome Nail Paint Tips for Modelling

We are sharing some awesome nail paints tips for modelling

  1. Use ice water to dry your nails in three minutes.

nail paint tips for modelling

2. Fix a broken nail using a teabag and nail glue.

instant nail paint tips

3. Use free your nail polish in less than 3 minutes by using cotton ball or paper.

nail paint tips

4. Fix some beautiful dotts on your nail to look wonderfull.

nail paint tips

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4 Successful Tips To Become An Underwear Model

Read our 4 points should be sucess for as an underwear model

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1) Confidence
An underclothes model is needed to own a robust inner confidence to cause semi-naked in an exceedingly space packed with new individuals. you’ll clearly got to solely wear a bandeau and knickers or combine of boxers, that to several will feel awkward and uncomfortable. A shy, timid character won’t have the self worth to wear simply underwear exposing their figure. Aspiring underclothes models should be assured in their physique and their ability to succeed while not showing proud.
2) Physique
A slender, slim figure is very asked for to showcase the underclothing. Associate in Nursing ample size chest and impertinent posterior fills out the underclothes to push the look and slot in a horny and becoming approach. A toned abdomen is additionally fascinating particularly for male underclothes models WHO square measure needed to create a robust six pack to go with their toned arms and legs. The niche demands for rising models to work out Associate in Nursing exercise regime that tones the right areas to the letter.

under wear models in mumbai

3) Flawless Skin
As the kind of modelling demands for people to showcase lots of flesh your skin has to be refulgent and glowing. to realize a unflawed complexion it’s necessary to drink lots of water and eat a nutritive diet. bear in mind the foods and drinks that you simply consume do impact your skin and thus, valuate what you eat to boost your complexion. an everyday beauty regime also will compliment your skin and gift your figure within the best lightweight.

under wear models in mumbai
4) Comfortable
Experience, a figure that you simply ar happy with and glowing skin can enhance your confidence and permit for you to actually feel comfy in your own skin. it’s necessary to not show your nerves and wear the planning proudly and poise. Being comfy sporting little may be a talent which will be down pat with apply and confidence in your talent. If you are feeling uncomfortable exposing your figure you may not be suited to undergarment modelling.

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Top 10 Indian Model Images of the month

More than 300.000 models from all over world can you found our Modelling Agencies in Mumbai, can you imagine how many hundreds of thousands of gorgeous model images are present in our website (platform) ? Over 2.1 Million! Have a look at the gorgeous models who made an impression this month, will you be up next?


mumbai female models


female mumbai models


female models in mumbai


Female Models in mumbai


female mumbai models


male models in mumbai


male models in mumbai


male models in mumbai


male models in mumbai


female mumbai models

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Top Indian Female Models and Their Entry in Bollywood

We are from Modelling Agencies in Mumbai, you can see here top indian models, every model has unique  style strategy they had played best modelling ramp walk in Mumbai, Pune and Goa.

Most of them from Bollywood Industry even they most of the time busy at advertising agency. If you want to start modelling career then please call to us. We are top Modelling Agencies in Mumbai at Google and other search Engine.

Top Indian Female Models are following:-

1) Prachi Desai :-

Indian Female Models

She is an Indian female model working in Bollywood films and television. She had done first television show on zee tv. she made Bollywood film Rock On! After that she has given best movies on of the best movie was Once Upon a Time in Mumbai.

2) Amrita Rao :-

female models in mumbai

She is an Indian film actress and model. she started Bollywood career through Modelling. she has done most of the Tollywood movies and few Bollywood movies. she made first Boolywood movie Ab Ke Baras in 2002 year.

3) Ameesha Patel :-

female models in mumbai

Ameesha patel is an Indian film actress and model.  She currently working in Bollywood films. She has also appeared in few  Tollywood movies. she had given marvelous performance in Kaho Na Pyar Hei Bollywood Movie.

4) Sonali Bendre :-

female model in mumbai

All time favorite sonali bendre is an Indian film actress and model who predominantly worked in Hindi movies. she also given best performance in Marathi, Telugu and Kannada Movies. She has given lot of magazines photo shoots.

5) Priyanka Chopra :-

top female model in mumbai

she is an Hollywood, Bollywood  film actress, model and she won Miss World 2000 pageant. she is one of the highest Bollywood paid actress. She has received different awards, including a National Film Award and Five Filmfare Awards and she was awarded Padma Shri and fourth highest civilian award by Indian Government of India.

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Modelling Tips: Ramp Walk Tips For Indian Models

Indian Modelling tips For Ramp Walk

Setting Your Facial Expression
1) Set your chin facing slightly down. Don’t hang or droop your head- act like you have the invisible string attached at the top of your head holding you up. Because you will be above the audience on the catwalk, keeping your chin facing slightly down will let the audience see more of your face. Additionally, keeping your chin slightly tilted down will add angle to your face and will help lend you a little bit of attitude.

2) Don’t smile, and keep your mouth closed in a natural position. You don’t want to distract from the clothes you are wearing with a smile. Look in the mirror and try to hold your mouth naturally to see how it looks and feels. Ask someone else how your facial expressions look. Sometimes other people will be able to see things that you don’t notice.
For example, ask your friend “Do I look fierce?”.
If your lips slightly part naturally, you don’t have to force your lips closed.

3) Keep your eyes focused on something ahead of you. When it comes to making a good supermodel facial expression, the emphasis in the facial expression is on the eyes and eyebrows. Keep your eyes fixed on a point, and do not look around you. Stay concentrated on where you are going, and look alert and at attention. Focus on something that gives you purpose, and it will show in your eyes.
It may be tempting to make eye contact with someone in the audience; however, hold your facial expression, and avoid eye contact.
Be careful not to trip as you are walking. You should occasionally check your walk with your eyes only to keep yourself balanced and confident in your walk.
Use a mirror or a friend to double-check how your look is coming across. Keep trying with different looks until you find one that works as a supermodel look while feeling natural for you.

Walking and Posture
1) Stand up straight! Imagine that there is an invisible string holding you up from your spine to the top of your head. Keep your shoulders slightly back, and stand up as straight as you possibly can. This posture is what is going to sell the model presence the most, even if you are not actually tall like a model.
Keep your body loose while you stand tall. You do not have to hold your body stiff in order to stay tall. Practice appearing comfortable while walking tall by practicing in front of a mirror.

2) Place one foot in front of the other and walk with long strides. Imagine that you are walking on a rope by keeping one foot in front of the other walk, which will allow your hips to swing from side to side in that classic model way. As you strut forward, try to project confidence with your walk.If you are doing male style modeling, you do not have to place one foot directly in front of the other, instead, you can walk more naturally with your feet placed more side by side than one foot in front of the other.
Don’t go overboard with swinging your hips. You don’t have to be afraid of letting your hips move; however, do not exaggerate the motion intentionally.
3) Allow your arms to hang at your sides, and keep your hands relaxed. You do not need to swing your arms quite as much as your body will naturally. Let your arms hang and swing only slightly. This will make you look cool and composed as you walk down the catwalk. Likewise, keep your hands relaxed so that they are loosely cupped and slightly open. Also, don’t hold your fingers together too closely. There can be a 1/4 inch of space between your fingers.
Don’t make your arms too stiff, let them bend and sway slightly with your body.
Try not to move your hands too much or ball them up as this will make you appear nervous.

4) Practice walking with your heels on. No catwalk strut is complete without a tall pair of heels to give you height. But, if you are not practiced in walking in high heels it can take some getting used to. Put on your heels in the morning while you are getting ready. Strut around to get used to walking like a model and walking in high heels at the same time.

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Fashion Modeling and Its Career

What is Fashion Modeling?

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Once a designer creates a garment or accessory, he will usually need some way to display the item to the public. This is where fashion modeling comes in.Fashion modeling involves using people to show off a particular type of fashion. This allows the public to see how a particular fashion looks, which can help create public interest. Several different types of fashion items can be displayed using fashion modeling. Some items that can be modeled include garments, accessories, jewelry, and cosmetics.In the fashion industry, fashion modeling is often used as a type of advertising. Models are often featured in magazines and catalogs, as well as on television and the Internet.

What Does a Fashion Model Do?

Although many individuals believe that fashion modeling just involves wearing different fashions and looking pretty, there is actually much more to it. While a fashion modeling career can be exciting and glamorous, it is also rather demanding and stressful.Fashion models are required to look and act a certain way. Therefore, they must work very hard to maintain a certain image. This usually involves strict dieting and exercise to keep their bodies in top shape. Fashion models must also usually keep up to date on and wear the latest fashions.A career in fashion modeling also usually requires models to work very long hours in several different types of settings and environments. Swimsuit models, for instance, will usually need to wear several different swimsuits on a beach. This type of work, which may seem inviting to some, often involves baking in the hot sun or smiling for the camera in chilly, windy weather for hours.While they are modeling, fashion models also need to move or pose their bodies in certain ways, or they may need to rely on facial expressions to achieve a certain look.Fashion models should also have an outgoing personality and superb people skills, since they will usually need to interact with a variety of different people while they are working. They may need to interact with stylists, makeup artists, designers, and photographers.

What are Some of the Different Types of Fashion Modeling?

There are several different types of fashion modeling.Modeling for print is one of the most commonly recognized types of modeling. Models who model for print media, like magazines and catalogs, must be photographed wearing different fashions. Most of the time, they will be required to hold several different poses for long periods of time.Live modeling is another popular type of fashion modeling. This type of modeling often refers to the type of modeling seen during runway shows. Live models are typically required to walk and turn in front of large audiences while wearing current fashions. Some live models may even be required to interact with certain props in their environment as well.Some fashion models might only model with certain parts of their bodies, like their hands or feet. These models are often referred to as parts models.When trying to market a fashion to a certain audience, fashion designers will often use fashion models that are built like or look like the intended audience. For instance, plus-sized models will usually model plus-sized clothing. African models might also be used in order to model certain fashions geared toward colored women.

What is the Average Salary of a Fashion Model

Making money as a fashion model is not always easy, since this is often a very competitive career. Some models may not even make enough money to live on, and they will often need to secure employment in other areas. Some of the more attractive and successful models, however, are often able to make a decent annual salary with just modeling alone.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual modeling salary was around $32,920. More successful models will often make much more, and they will also be rewarded with free fashion products, like clothes, jewelry, and makeup.

What are the Education Requirements for Fashion Models?

There are no strict education requirements for becoming a fashion model, but some aspiring models may choose to attend modeling school or take modeling classes. While they can be helpful, modeling schools and classes don’t always guarantee that a model will get work.

In modeling school, aspiring models will often learn different skills that can be helpful for a career in fashion modeling. Most modeling schools will teach models how to dress and act, for instance. While attending modeling school, some individuals will find that they gain the confidence needed to be a successful model.A modeling school can also help build an aspiring model’s portfolio as well.

Where can a Fashion Model Find Work?

The majority of fashion models usually sign on with modeling agencies. These types of agencies act as go between for models and prospective clients. In fact, many fashion designers will not hire models unless they are represented by modeling agencies.Instead of working with a modeling agency, a model can also choose to work as a freelancer. Freelance models, however, will often have a much harder time getting a steady stream of modeling work.

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