The Importance of Email Etiquette for Models

The Importance of Email Etiquette for Models With all kinds of businesses, including modelling, conducting their business online more than ever before, it’s essential that you always put your best self forward, even from behind a computer screen. With modelling agencies looking at every aspect of a new models’ potential, email etiquette is no small thing; […]

How to Submit Your Photos to Modelling Agencies

To build a modelling career, you have to take some steps. Until and unless you take photos and send them to the sources you won’t create your own image as a model. Essentially, there are four methods to send your photos to local and international modelling agencies. You can send your photographs by email or […]

Basic to advance: Model Poses for Female

If you want to pursue your career in modelling you have to learn some basic poses that can shape the look of the image. The right pose at the right time can make all the difference, particularly for fashion or advertising. BASIC MODEL POSES – FEMALE There are rare standard fashion poses.  These are the […]


Becoming a supermodel is not an easy task. There are lot of efforts behind the achievement. Besides look, there are other key ingredients which should be followed by a supermodel. So, here are the 10 main ingredients or essentials that can make a supermodel: Look/ Image This contributes about 50% of your success as a […]

Modelling Makeup Kit for a Model

Models need to look best in their camera. To ensure this, they need a well-stocked modelling makeup kit. It really doesn’t matter if you are modelling for your enjoyment or if you are modelling professionally through modelling agencies, it can be a possibility that you yourself have to do your own hair dressing and makeup. […]

Lighting Techniques in Fashion Photography

Light and shadow playing across the face create different shapes. Thus the shape of the face changes according to the light and hence lights play an important role in making a models portfolio.  If you love to do photography you should be aware of at least one or two techniques of lighting. This will help you […]

Skincare Tips for Models

Models look beautiful! But there are a lot of secrets behind their beauty. If you are looking to get into modelling career or you are already a model, really doesn’t matter. You have to take care of your skin to look healthy and live with the positive attitude. The glow of your face defines your […]

Top 5 Mistakes you should avoid as a Model

Are you new in modelling? Like in every profession, a new or aspiring model also comes across certain obstacles. It’s always important to prepare yourself for the worst. Because of that, you need the right information which can help you improve and be a better model. You are not just one of the aspiring beginners who dreams about […]

Simple Tips for Your First Modelling Break!

For a model, a casting can be the start of a memorable career hopefully spanning across many years. The classic Polaroid photo is one opportunity for a model to enchant and capture the attention of a casting manager, but it doesn’t stop there. The portfolio images are just the first step and then comes the all-important real life, face to face castings…. […]

4 Successful Tips To Become An Underwear Model

Read our 4 points should be sucess for as an underwear model 1) Confidence An underclothes model is needed to own a robust inner confidence to cause semi-naked in an exceedingly space packed with new individuals. you’ll clearly got to solely wear a bandeau and knickers or combine of boxers, that to several will feel […]