5 of the Most Famous Fashion Events in the World

Fashion is a concept that has extended to many facets of our society so much that it has become a part of each and every one of us. The fashion industry is constantly expanding and offering new creations each year.  The most famous fashion shows in the world feature the latest fashion trends and creations […]

Tips to Boost your Confidence in the Modelling Industry

Appearing assured and self assured while navigating through the business will appear to be a tough task to undertake with several professionals to impress. once feeling anxious, nervous and unsure of yourself during a world that demands confidence and is packed with rejection it will be a struggle to feel bound of your talent. The […]

Awesome Nail Paint Tips for Modelling

We are sharing some awesome nail paints tips for modelling Use ice water to dry your nails in three minutes. 2. Fix a broken nail using a teabag and nail glue. 3. Use free your nail polish in less than 3 minutes by using cotton ball or paper. 4. Fix some beautiful dotts on your nail to […]