Become A Model And Earn In Crores

Modelling is all about self-love and confidence. You can fill your pockets with money by walking for the best designers. Yes, modelling can give you the opportunity to turn your passion into a profession. There are many models out there who earn plenty in this field.Let us have a look at the list of richest […]

What to Do if a Model Agency or Scout Asks for Nude Photos

The modelling industry is a vigorous, exciting, and flourishing business, and it is filled with hard-working models, scouts, agents, and photographers. Unfortunately, as in any business, there are some cases of people posing as industry professionals when they are not in order to take advantage of the reputation ethical professionals have built for themselves. Modelling […]

How to Handle Modelling Rejection?

Rejection is threatening. But, there’s no other option around it, and most of us will deal with it at several points in our lives. Rejection is not the big thing but important is how you deal with the “NO” given by them. In modelling career, rejection is the common thing. Hundreds of models apply for […]

Tips on How to Become an Eye Model

Parts modelling are a very popular type of modelling especially for the beauty products shoots. There is no such limitation to height and weight. Your eyes could be usually photographed for makeup and eye care advertisements, not only commercial advertisements but also for print campaigns, digital marketing advertisements, marketing material, medical material, and much more […]

Art Modelling: An Ultimate Guide

  There are so many various ways to become a model, and now more than ever, there is an opportunity for everyone in the modelling industry. One type of modelling that is appropriate for any adult model of any shape or size still tends to be forgotten by many: live art modelling! Art Modelling Art modelling […]

How To Get Your Child, Kid, Toddler, or Baby Into Modelling!

Getting your child into modelling is very easy just like mailing or sending email to the modelling agent who represents children. We the Modelling Agencies Mumbai would like to inform that there is a big misconception that parents have to spend lots of money on professional photographs, modelling classes and fancy outfits to get their […]

6 Must Have Skills for Working as a Fit Model

Whenever clothes are designed, they have to go through various processes that take the designer clothes from the simple concept to the unique product. This is the main reason why you never want to take off your clothes because you like them the most. But, before finalizing the fitting, a fit model plays an important […]

Why You Need To Makeover Quickly?

There are many real reasons to experiment with a different hairstyle and makeup. If you have never given a shot for a makeover since your last shoot, then it’s time to upgrade yourself right now. Here are three important reasons for your quick makeover Because you never know when a photo op would arise There may […]

How to look slim?

For modelling, sometimes it is necessary to look slim. Not only for modelling career but for a hot date or a big interview you always wish to look slim. Here are some steps to look slim: Steps Whatever your size is, buy clothes that fit you. If you wear clothes which are of the wrong […]