Modelling agencies in Mumbai

Being a Model — Your First impression

Modelling agencies in Mumbai

The fashion industry is one massively competitive playground. “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow.” This piece of lyrics from Eminem’s Loose yourself fits in perfectly here. Your first impression is the last impression. Working in the modeling industry will bring you lots of difficulties while having a model photo shoot in a modeling agency but you’ve got to overcome them. The involvement of presenting the model is mutually shared between the model and the styling team. So what needs to be taken care of to present yourself as a perfect model? Here are a few points that will surely help you out.

1) Apparel – 

Modelling agencies in Mumbai
You may have noticed how supermodels look absolutely gorgeous even when they’re not working? Even after they’ve had a long day at the shoot. It all starts from their clothing. You can wear a pair of skinny jeans. The slim fitting jeans gives you a comfortable and confident look. Also Do not forget your heels at your place or sneakers if you are a male. A pair of killer shades would be a cherry on the cake!
If you’re unable to find the clothes with the right color balance for your modeling shoot, go BLACK! The color black will never fail to make you amazingly stunning and sharp. It also builds your confidence on another level. Remember, do not worry about your clothes. Keep it classy, clean and subtle.Do not go full Kings style! Avoid wearing a fancy dress that you’d wear for an occasion. Keep the cardinal rule of fashion in your mind : When in stress, Always under dress!

2) Skin Care –

Modelling agencies in Mumbai

Your career depends entirely on your appearance. Your only way to keep your career going, is to take good care of your body and skin. Proper healthy eating habits and daily exercise are the key to maintaining a clear complexion. Eat fresh fruits and veggies. You could also consult a dietitian for eating advice. Also, there many products available out in the market to keep your hair and skin in good condition. You can take the help of supplements to ensure your body has the essential vitamins.
Do not take up smoking! Even in your dreams! The fashion industry and smoking seem to be an iconic duo, avoid smoking at all costs. Hell will break loose on your skin, destroying every bit of vitamin c which will lead to a dull gray skin, early ageing and yellow finger tips. Also, alcohol and salt will cause bloating and swelling as it causes your body to retain water. It will be extremely inconvenient for every one if you turn up for a shoot after a night of heavy drinking.
Remember, everything costs time and money. Including make up, retouching etc. Make sure you drink good amount of water to be in top gear for your shoot the next day.

3) Make Up – 

Modelling agencies in Mumbai
Make up plays a key role in the fashion industry! From your sassy catwalk looks to your minimalist beauty styles, make up has a huge hand in everything. Your make up will make you look and fell the best if its done properly. It is also done to showcase your own personal style. Make up is a powerful tool which can hide your little flaws in your skin. But it is equally essential to present yourself in your natural self when meeting perspective employers.

If you’re going for a photo shoot, don’t invest time and effort in the morning make up. Leave it completely for the styling team. If you plan to meet a model management agency scout, keep your make up as minimum as possible. You can enhance your looks a little by applying bit of concealer, a good amount of blush and some mascara. Enough to make you presentable enough. Also, make sure you keep your lips and skin moisturized and healthy.

Important note. Your skin needs to breath too! Don’t forget to take your make up off at night.

4) Hair –

Modelling agencies in Mumbai

Hair is another essential branch of the big picture. Keep getting regular trims. Hair coloring is quite common. Make sure you get have regular treatments to maintain the color and your hair health. Nourish your hair at home with the daily things you can find in your fridge. There’s no compulsion that you have to visit the salon for treatment. You can find recipes for all different hair types on the internet.
As much as treatment is important, your diet is also important to keep your hair healthy. Your hair will be worked up and experimented a lot during shoots. Give it care and rest so it can stay strong. Also, keep it simple but keep your personal style where it is. Good hairstyles make good careers. Avoid over styling your hair for a casting or photo shoot. It is embarrassing to arrive for a shoot but take up additional time to wash and dry the hair.

So these were a few points you need to remember to make a killer first impression. Hope you’ve found this post helpful. Do let us know if we’ve misses any points.

Thank you for reading.