Beauty Hacks: How To Do The Perfect Eye Makeup

Sometimes life brings to us the most Paradoxical situation. Doesn’t it? Taking into consideration, one of the smallest parts of our body, Human eye. Such inferior in size but still having a high variety of makeups available to it. Strange, unique, interesting, all these different feelings rise up with all at, once don’t they?

But just when you start getting confused or unable to select the best for yourself, don’t forget we are there for you always!

Bringing to you, the pro tips on how to do a perfect makeup for your eyes.

Preparing the Eyes

The very first step towards a perfect eye makeup is having clean eyes. Whether you woke up late or have remnants of yesterday’s makeup clinging to your lashes, it is important to start off with a clean canvas. Wash the areas around your eyes with lukewarm or cool water, avoid using hot water as it can have a drying effect to the delicate skin around your eyes.

If you use makeup remover on your eyes make sure to keep it clean and wash thoroughly to remove any oily residue. Pat your eyes dry.

The next step: Eye Cream

You probably would already be using this, keep up the good work. But if by chance you are reading this and do not use eye cream on a daily basis, this tip should change your mind. It is to be noted that both the eyelid and under eye area should be properly hydrated but not greasy with a good eye cream.

They help in keeping your eye well hydrated and prevent dryness. The glycerin, jojoba oil, the powerhouse ingredients help trap and hold water and act as a protective barrier preventing water from evaporating. Also, help remove dark circles.

Let brows set the tone for your face

After the above-mentioned pre-requisites, we start working with the eyebrows. The eyebrows should be shaped in a way that defines the face beautifully. Shaping the brows with a soft powder or tinted brow gel should do the trick.

Avoid using excessive makeup on the brows as it might appear heavy. Be careful while using shimmer highlighters under the brow as it creates a lot of white spaces and appears heavy on the face. If you want to accentuate the arch and still pull the brow out, matte (highlight) shade shall do the work rather than shimmers.

**Having your brows shaped professionally can save you time when you’re filling them in. Waxing or plucking them into the perfect shape will give you a stencil to follow with your brow pencil or powder. **

An example of effective use:

Applying Concealer

Your primary goal of using a concealer should be to even out the colour of the skin around your eye. Apply concealer and dot it with the pad of your finger or a concealer brush to the blue-ish places around your eyes. If you are already having a non-bluish skin, you can move on to the next tip.

Note: Don’t overdo applying the concealer as it reduces the depth of your face.

If you want to avoid the excess of concealer, apply three dots under your eye, starting with the inner corner where skin tends to darken. Gradually using in under the pupil and the next on the outer edge. Finally, pat the concealer in with your ring finger.

Use neutral shadows to accent eyes

Warm tones for dark eyes, cool tones mainly for light eyes these natural hues never fail! But always keep in mind that a pale, shimmery shadow on the lids can add sparkle to even tired eye, a medium shade in the crease can erase any fleshy overhang making the eyes appear LARGER.

With the darkest browns and charcoal working as a smoky coat to your gel eyeliner all these complementary workings on eye shall help you in perfecting your eye makeup.

Perfecting the Lashes

Talking about eye makeup and mascara, the magical wand misses it is just not possible. Dipping your mascara wand into the bottle and removing the clumps from the brush shall be your first steps while working with mascaras. To apply it to your lashes, start from the base and slowly move towards the ends. As and when you move along your lashes, slightly wiggle the wand back and forth.

Mascara Trick

  • If applying to both your top and bottom lashes, do bottom lashes first. As when you start with your top lashes, you may get mascara on your eyelids when you look down to apply it on the bottom.
  • It is the mascara near the roots and not the tips that give the illusion of length.
Mascara Trick

Highlighting the Inner Eye

Ssh! Don’t let this out, this step is a former makeup artist secret that has particularly become popular in past years. It will definitely make you use it regularly once you see its results.

Blend a bit of your lightest eyeshadow into the inner corner of the eye. It will help brighten your face and eye significantly. Quite simply done, it doesn’t even require a brush! Sweet and simple.  Apply this and be the next Jennifer Lopez

For deep-set eyes

Wanna bring out deep-set eyes?

Apply a light- coloured and neutral shadow under the brow bone and at the inner corner of the eye. After this line the upper lashes with a dark shadow.

For small eyes:

Having small eyes with uncreased lids, no worries here is a short tip for you. Call for an arc of medium-toned colour on the lids. Keep it blended with a sweep of a brush.

And buff!! You’re done!

In the end, would make it straight forward, don’t stress too much on makeup. Of course, you want to look the best. I can assure you will. Keep it on! As Practice makes one perfect!

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