Misconceptions about models!!!

  • Easy life: Don’t underestimate life of a model. It is not easy to be a supermodel. Go sees, casting, shooting, fitting, etc. It’s very hard and tiring as the models has to do photo-shoots for long hours and have to walk on slippery runways with their small shoes. The schedules of models are very tight as they have to travel a lot to different places for fashion week. So it is clear that if you want to become a model than your life is not going to be too easy.


  • Paid a lot: Yes they are paid, but not at the beginning. At the commencement of career they hardly get anything for their runway or editorial jobs. In fact some of them don’t even get paid for their modeling. But in this phase they need to make connections with important people as connection is the way to become a super-model. And once you are a super-model you will be booked for jobs that are paid a lot.

paid a lot modelling agency mumbai

  • Eat very less: Most of the models are addicted to eating disorder. Not all, but most of them are addicted. Many of the models are naturally thin to begin with this career and some surely follow diet to remain thin for modeling. As they are addicted to fast food like cheesy pizzas, burgers, etc. some of them take drugs to maintain their size.

Eat very less modelling agency mumai

  • Beautiful and flawless: Not necessarily they need to be beautiful. Some of them are not even attractive. The thing is they just have to fit in their particular role of modeling. Uniqueness is the most important thing which is required in this industry.

beautiful and flawless modelling agency mumbai


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Important modeling tips that you should know to become a successful model

modelling tips

Modeling is not just about being tall and beautiful. It is much more than that which includes talent, uniqueness, and knowledge to back up the beauty.

These modeling tips will serve you as a great guide to get into fashion industry

  • Get into an agency: Getting into a modeling agency is the very first step. There are various modeling agencies available in cities. Choose the right one as it is going to affect the future career.
  • Know your market: In this industry there are various markets to choose from according to your personality so that you can fit in particular market. The primary markets are as follows:
  • Editorial model: The one who come on high fashion magazine to promote a brand.
  • Runaway model: The one who do catwalks in fashion shows.
  • Fitness model: The one who are fit which are going to endorse fitness and sports related brands.
  • Plus size model: the one who are overweight and are generally known as “full figured model”.
  • Enhance your modeling skills: Skills should be upgraded in any form of career. And modeling is a field in which regular upgrade is required. Enhance your modeling skills by joining a good class. By joining such classes you will also develop your self-confidence and will be comfortable in various aspects of business
  • Get a good portfolio: Modeling is not just of being beautiful. At initial stage good natural looking snaps are needed. The model should be enthusiastic of being clicked. He/she must have good eye contact and should love dressing up and posing.
  • Be prepared for model life: After getting into modeling be prepared for its lifestyle. You will need to travel a lot, maintained diet, late night parties are all the things you will be going from. Be prepared for rejections too. To achieve success you will have to struggle at the beginning but at the end success will matter for a good model.

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Types of modeling list

types of modelling list

Model is a person who promotes or advertises commercial products, a piece of art or poses for photography. To become a model first of all you should know that what type of a model you want to become. Here is a list of different modeling types which will help you to choose your career in modeling:

modelling agencies in mumbai

  • Fashion Models: This category is the most difficult but the most popular type of modeling style. The age requirement for both man and women is in the range of 18 to 25 years old whereas the height should be in the range of 5’10”to 6’2”. Weight of model should be according to Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • Commercial Models: Commercial modeling is generally done by celebrities for film and advertising purpose. Perfect example for this we can take is L’Oreal shampoo endorsed by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
  • Editorial Models: You can generally see editorial models in high fashion magazines posing for brands like Armani, Guess, Dolce & Gabbana. To become an Editorial Model first you must meet the basic requirements of Fashion Model like height, weight, etc.
  • Runway Models: Runway models are basically the one who do catwalk on a flat narrow ramp in a Fashion show. Requirement of such models depends upon the type of show. If the fashion show is for kids then kids are preferred.
  • Fitness Models: These models focus on fitness. Height, weight, color doesn’t matter in this category. You just need to be fit. Such models are used to promote Fitness brands and Sports brands like Adidas, Nike, Admiral Sportswear, 2XU, etc.
  • Plus size models: Here the models required should be overweight and are commonly known as “Full Figured Models”. When any clothing brand want to advertise plus size clothing then this models are hired as catalog model.

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Things you should know about Botox

things you should know about botox

Hey guys!!!…confused about what Botox is? or want to know the things about Botox… when Your favourite celebrity or your neighbor had done Botox and look amazing….so let’s start with the things you should know before going to get done with your Botox

But what basically Botox is….it is a neurotoxin which gets injected with needle. It is used to relax your muscles…mainly in your forehead, in between your eyebrows, and around your eyes. Botox is an injection that can relax muscles and prevent laugh lines.

Botox is safe

It’s commonly used for cosmetic reasons, but it also helps to reduce other health concerns. Botox is also used to treat migraines, neck and shoulder pain and excess sweating. However, tell your Botox professional if you have any muscular conditions. It is important to remember that Botox is safest when used by a board certified dermatologist or a plastic surgeon.

Botox might feel funny first

YesBotox might feel funny first, you will start suddenly feeling like there’s duct tape on your forehead. It affects the way your face muscles move, because of which you can’t move your face to make a particular expression.

It takes three to five days to go to inner surface. Sometimes injection of Botox in one area can affect another area—like say you are injecting too low on the forehead to reduce wrinkles above the brows can actually end up lowering the growth of brows, which is not always ideal. You may also experience a tight feeling in the beginning, before your body has time to adjust to the toxin.

You won’t look frozen

Some critics say Botox makes you lose all the personality from your face, leaving you with a significantly less range of motion when you laugh, or get angry or upset. While it’s true that your movement will be restricted, a moderate amount of Botox will still allow you to react and communicate in a lively way.

It doesn’t eradicate Wrinkles

It’s important to set up reasonable expectations for your Botox experience. Botox does not get rid of all wrinkles on your face—it gets rid of wrinkles made from expressions

How Long Does It Last

Immediately after getting the treatment, Botox will take one to 10 days to kick in, and on average, it lasts about three to four months as that’s the amount of time it takes your body to regenerate new receptors within the muscle.

Minor side effects

Botox injections are done with a very thin needle, which may cause swelling, redness, bleeding, but every patient is not same so side effects can differ. You might also have a headache in first 24 hours because tension in your muscles is starting t relax.

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How to walk like a model

how to walk like a model

Walking …How difficult can it be? You have been doing it for so many years…. But if you want to walk like a model…………. Well it’s not that easy!!! But don’t worry, we are here for you. Just check out some tips that can ensure that you turn heads as you walk. First impressions really matter a lot, whether you’re walking up to the podium to give a presentation or into a restaurant for a blind date.

It requires good posture, balance and technique – all of which take time to develop. So, when it comes to making an impression, practice makes perfect. So, let’s begin with the tips for how to walk like a model

Slouch a little, but hold your head high. 

Firstly, concentrate on pulling your shoulders down and keeping your head high and straight.  Stand up straight leaning slightly back so your legs can go first. Keep your toes pointed forward, so they aren’t turned out. Then walk with one foot in front of the other as if walking on a tightrope.

Make little steps

Be careful not to take huge steps. It sounds logical for some of you, but instead to taking great strides …. take your time! It’s better to move slowly, but doubtless. Don’t try to fight this by taking bigger steps: it won’t work.


Be commanding and flirty. This will make the audience like you. You need certain attitude to impress and your walk can show that attitude. The kind of attitude you need to carry may be quite different from your core nature and this is a challenging effort.

modelling agencies in mumbai


Get into a rhythm and let the loud music make you move. When a natural bounce to the beat happens, add to it by thinking about holding your head high and keeping your shoulders back.


 You should never look down. Always look straight ahead at the cameras or choose a spot on the wall ahead of you so you won’t get distracted by anything else distracting around you.


 Most people think you need to do a lot of hip swaying. Your hips will move naturally so overemphasis is not necessary.


When you reach the end of the runway pause then lean on one hip with lots of attitude.

Remember your hands

The most awkward part of modeling does not know what to do with your hands. They are just hanging awkwardly. If you remain engaged from head to toe, though, hopefully you’ll find poses that feel right, that make sense. A smart rule of thumb is to show the side of your hand. This creates the longest, thinnest line extending from your arm.

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Different Types of Lipsticks

When we get attracted by the lipstick put on by someone, we get eager to know which is the color code, brand or the type of lipstick it is……but that doesn’t mean it is the most complementary color or the best type of lipstick for your lips ………… so ladies……do you Want to know the types of lipsticks present in the market…….which will make it easy for you when you go to buy lipstick……

Moisturizing Lipsticks

Moisturizing lipsticks give a glossy finish to lips. These lipsticks are not very long-lasting you need to reapply it regularly. If you suffer from dry lips then you need to go for lipsticks with highly moisturizing ingredients such as Vitamin E, aloe, and Jojoba Oil. This leads to keep your lips smooth and soft.

types of lipsstick

Matte Lipstick

Mate lipsticks are perfect selection for women who are looking for colorful and nice shade. Matte lipsticks are very long lasting. These lipsticks are quite waxy in terms of texture with affection of flat and not shiny lips. Your lips will look smother and younger with matte lipstick. Plus it is advised to mix products with vitamin E and aloe with matte lipsticks.

Matte Lipstick

Frosted lipstick 

These lipsticks have a nice pearly shine, slightly metallic finish. They reflect the light so your lips are left with a beautiful pigmented effect. If you are getting frosted lipstick make sure that it has moisturizing facilities, because sometimes frosted lipstick can make our lips feel dry.

types of lipstick

Gloss Lipstick

If you want to go for natural or subtle look, gloss lipstick is a best option. Gloss lipstick adds depth and shine to lips when applied over a lipstick because of which it is extremely popular for girls with small lips. This type of lipstick completes your look when applied to the center of the top and bottom lip to create the illusion of fuller lips.

types of lipstick

Satin and Sheer Lipsticks

This lipstick moisturize and nourish lips and makes it look shiny and glossy. Sheer and satin lipsticks have high oil ingredients and they could appear darker in the package than they are on lips. Another characteristic of lipsticks with oil components is that it must be reapplied many times.

Satin and Sheer Lipsticks

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Best modelling agencies in Mumbai

modelling agencies in mumbai

Are you aspiring to be a model? If your answer is yes then there is a magnificent opportunity for you. We collected a list of top 10 modeling agencies in India. If you are an advertising company looking for models then also you can read this list.

  1. Modeling Mumbai

Modeling Mumbai is one of the top most leading modeling agency in Mumbai.Modelling Mumbai plays a distinctive role in promoting model backed with a superior knowledge and experience. There are various events, occasions and avenues that are suitable for aspiring models to make their impression. So if you are a fresher or experienced in modeling then register with one of the best modelling agency in Mumbai i.e Modeling Mumbai.

Shashank Sharma-(+91)86555404111


F-7, 1st Floor (Nano Wing)

Fantasia Business Park, Vashi,

Navi Mumbai, Mumbai – 400703,

Maharashtra, India

Website- http://modellingagenciesmumbai.com/

  1. Elan Modeling Agency  

ELAN is India’s leading talent management agency that has been helping and guiding the aspiring models. Services which are provided by this agencies is  portfolio shoots, model management, model promotion, advertising shoots, and photo retouching. ELAN provides a unique and invaluable platform for fresh talent for entering into the modeling carrier

Address: Commerce Centre, 2nd Floor, Plot B-27,

Near Morya House, Off New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai

Telephone Number: Tel: + 91 22 42413333

Website: elantalent.in

  1. Kaalia

Kaalia is one of the best modelling agencies in India that provides best model promotion, & portfolio shoots, casting. The agency is focussed to bringing the best of beauty, glam, and excitement. Their services include Print and fashion shows, roles for television and feature films, casting services, business-to-business services, photography, event marketing, and many more.

Contact no:- 098867 70610

Website:- kaalia.com

  1. Anima Creative

Anima is a talent management firm they have their network and access across the globe, this Mumbai based modeling agency is successful by many measures consistent efforts. As a talent management company, Anima Creative Management Pvt. Ltd is one of the trusted company by the clients and has established in maintaining long-lasting relationships with every clients.


Gail Gore


+91 9819 406 598


Amrita Masani


+91 9819 451 441

Website:- animacreatives.com

5.  Southcast

Southcast is a preferred service provider within the advertising and entertainment industry. Southcast is a freelance professional modelling agency based in Mumbai, India and perhaps the best in city and India. They also provide Indian and International models, actors, Bollywood and television celebrities at reasonable rates for photo-shoots, commercials, brand-endorsements and events.

Website- southcast.in

Address- B-6, Snehi Cooperative Housing Society, Near Mhada Signal,, Four bungalows, Andheri – West., Shatataraka Co Op Housing Society, Suresh Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053

Casting Director

 Bunty Gurung -09892041516



Best Bollywood Action Films

Bollywood‘ runs through our blood….Whether it’s Amitabh Bachchan’s ” Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hain”…or Amzad Khan aka Gabbar Singh’s “Kitne aadmi the ?” from the film ‘ Sholay ‘.

We  know these dialogues like the back of our palm.What makes these films so popular? Is it the star cast or the dialogues? It it the songs or dance sequences or the director of the film. Bollywood‘s best films are enumerous take for e.g.

Sholay‘(1975), an all time favourite featured the best star cast Amitabh Bachchan & Dharmendra as the dashing ‘Jai’ and ‘Veeru’.Hema Malini played the heroic ‘Basanti’.Amjad Khan as Gabbar Singh.The script, dialogues & music by R.D .Burman are nostalgic.Directed by Ramesh Sippy did a total earning of ₹150cr in 1975.

sholay hindi movie

 ‘Sarfarosh‘(1999)…an Aamir Khan starer is a cop who suspects a famous singer i.e. Nasiruddin Shah to be involved with terrorists.The film portrays patriotism…inclusive of action and drama. The songs are extremely melodious.It’s earning was ₹18cr.

sarfarosh movie

 ‘Singham‘(2011), starring Ajay Devgan as Inspector Singham.Also, Prakash Raj ( as Jaykant Shikre) played the local don of Goa.The music & stunts are directed to perfection by Rohit Shetty.The total earning was ₹91.55 Cr in 2011….one of the highest in Bollywood.

singham movie

‘ Dhoom3 ‘ (2013), a Yashraj film, starring Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif & Abhishek Bachchan, a film about cops & robbers.This film was a grosser of ₹585 cr.The songs and action were remarkable.

Dhoom 3 movie

‘Krrish 3 ‘(2013) – starring Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra was a grosser of ₹374.00 crore.The story revolves about Krishna ( Hrithik) who has superpowers, with Priyanka as his lead.Naseeruddin Shah is the’ bad guy’.This film was the first of its kind.

Krrish 3 movie

Chennai Express‘ (2013) was another blockbuster starring Shahrukh & Deepika Padukone by Rohit Shetty.This film too would be remembered in Bollywood for comedy, action & it’s mesmerizing music by Vishal-Shekhar.( gross earning ₹423cr).

chennai express movie

‘Film Holiday‘(2014) an Akshay Kumar & Sonakshi Sinha starter is a thriller.It has been directed by A.R.Murugadoss.The film is about terrorists who plant ‘sleeper’ cells in common people for committing bomb blasts.Akshay as D.I.A Indian Army officer diffuses their plan.The story is unique.

holiday movie

Bajirao Mastani ‘(2015), an epic love story in Bollywood, revolves around a Peshwa king( Ranveer Singh) and Mastani( Deepika Padukone), a Muslim princess & his wife Kashibai( Priyanka Chopra).The songs & dialogues are enchanting.The film directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali is indeed a film to remember.The total gross earning of this film is ₹358 cr.

bajirao mastani

Another film with a gross earning of ₹394 cr is Dilwale‘(2015)After a long time superstars Kajol & Shahrukh Khan have acted together in Bollywood, with Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon.A typical Rohit Shetty film’Dilwale‘ is packed with action & romance.

dilwale movie

Bajrani Bhaijaan ‘(2015)– A Salman Khan starer, this film, directed by Mr.Kabir Khan, has not only stolen awards but many hearts as well.Alongside are Kareena Kapoor Khan & child artist Harshaali Malhotra. This film will be cherished for its storyline and music.The action  & drama are powerful.This is a complete entertainer to the audience with a gross earning of ₹626cr.

Bajrani Bhaijaan movie

‘Sultan ‘..(2016).Based on the life of a wrestler features Salman Khan & Anushka Sharma.The film has great action, emotional drama & sensational music.This film under the Yashraj banner has earned a gross of ₹584 cr.Famous songs  ” Jag Ghoomeya” &” Baby ko bass pasand hain”…are bestsellers.

sultan movie

Dangal‘ (2016)’ was a superhit with Aamir Khan in the lead.The film ,based on the life of wrestler Geeta Phogat is an inspiration for young women who want to pursue a career.The film is based in Haryana and gives a great message to the young generation.Total gross earning ₹721 cr.

dangal movie

Bollywood has given us many superhits which have made us laugh, cry, inspired us, taught us about humanity etc.The Btown has , is & will be in the buzz till eternity.


Hollywood Celebrities Cherished Homes

Hollywood‘s Celebrities love style…whether it’s their clothes or parties or hairstyles or even their homes.The abodes of many stars are classic.Take for example.

Hollywood‘s Eva Longoria is a lady who likes her pinks and frills. Her Hollywood Hills home has been listed for $1.4 cr. We can say that the Mediterranean-style mansion is just as beautiful as the actress herself. Inside the house are three-bedroom & three-bathrooms.Longoria has had access to the house of her  ‘ heart’s desire  ‘. The foyer features a stone-floored entryway that leads to a spiral staircase. The regal space offers a quaint dining Experience surrounded by arched windows for added charm.Her Hollywood nest is an instant pick-me-up.( www.stylist.co.uk) , courtesy trulia.

eva longoria hollywood home

Uma Thurman of ‘Batman Returns‘ fame.Her duplex mansion features sublime architecture and greenery in the Pacific Palisades .The’ Pulp Fiction ‘actor’s immaculate Lexington Ave apartment has just hit the Manhattan market for $6.25 million at Gramercy Park in New York. The mansion is a 8000sq m fenced-in private parkland . The five-bedroom duplex is one of two units which Ms.Thurman has called home in One Lexington.It consists of a grand entry gallery, an elegant staircase, a corner living room with a wood-burning fireplace, library, formal dining room and french doors opening out to a groovy dining terrace with views of Gramercy Park.A true comfort!

uma thurman home

Paris Hilton is a model, entrepreneur, singer, actor, producer, television personality and socialite.She has plenty of space to take her famed chihuahuas for a stroll (or a swim) in Hollywood hills.( www.radaronline.com)

Hilton‘s house is in Beverly Hill, California.  She is the heiress of Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton Hotels chain.The 7,500 square foot house is in the gated Mulholland Estates community, which, even though the community is in Sherman Oaks, The house has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. There is a large pool in the backyard.Some of Paris Hilton‘s  neighbours include Shaquille O’Neal, Paula Abdul and Vanna White.

paris hilton's home

Tom Cruise‘s Beverly Hills residence might very well constitute our ideal home. Cruise‘s $59 million mountain hideaway spans 298 acres include scenic rolling hills, an incredible system of forest trails, horse riding stables—even a private helipad.The acreage provides breathtaking views of Mt. Wilson.The home itself is 10,000 square feet and boasts of 7 bedrooms and 9 baths.The kitchen  is earthy..& the dining is cosy. Natural stone patios line the exterior of the home.The drive from the main gate to the front  door is about a mile.Tom Cruise knows how to live in style! (www.mountainliving.co.uk).

tom cruise's home

Arnold Schwarzenegger ..The famous actor, and former governor of California, lives in the exclusive, guard gated Brentwood Country Estates. Arnold Alois Schwarzeneggeris an Austrian- American actor, producer.He lives in a 11,000-square- foot (1,000 m2) home in Brentwood. Schwarzenegger bought this massive 14,500 square-foot mansion on a hilltop in 2002.Ref.( www.bornrich.com).

Arnold Schwarzenegger home

Jackie Chan ,’ the Rush hour ‘ superstar owns a $7.25 villa in ‘ one in a million ‘— Beverly Hills.A 1700 block in Green Acres Drive, a 7,638-square-foot home ,was once owned by a martial artist & now belongs to film actor Jackie Chan . Built in French Villa style in 1986, Chan bought the house in 1998 for $3 million . Marked by a circular motor court with a fountain, the gated estate features a two-story entry, a gourmet kitchen with a rotunda nook, six bedrooms & is a epic monument.

jackie chan house

Prince Charles has homes in England, Scotland and Wales. Clarence House is the official London residence of The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry.The Duchy also owns 5,700 acres of woodland said to be worth £18million. Other homes include historic estates – such as Charles’s Welsh home, Llwynywermod – marine assets, sporting lets, playgrounds and even allotments and garages worth £28million.Highgrove House near Tetbury, Gloucestershire, is the family home of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. Birkhall is the private residence of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall in Scotland. The former home of Queen Elizabeth, is on the Balmoral estate on Royal Deeside. Her Majesty described it as a ‘little big house’.It’s properties in London include 23 houses and the Oval cricket ground for the famille´ royale.

prince charles house

Donald Trumps Tower .Situated at 725 Fifth Avenue in the U.S OF A…is the famous and gigantic 68-story Trump Tower including his business offices & his own private abode on the 66th floor! He spends most of his time here. Designed to resemble the Palace of Versailles, the three-story pad features bedazzling effects namely the  gold and diamond encrusted door,  interiors with 24-carat gold accents, with vases, lamps and platters, ceilings with Greek themed paintings and floor-ceiling marble walls. Also ornamented chandeliers, indoor fountain and a statue of Eros & Psyche are also spotted in Trump’s sky palace.The large floor-ceiling windows offers unparalleled views of the Central Park. The penthouse could sell for $100 million should the billionaire decide to kiss it goodbye.

Donald Trump's Tower

Michael Jackson’s Neverland RanchThe Neverland ranch is located about 5 miles  north of unincorporated Los Olivos, and eight miles north of the town of Santa Ynez. It is approximately 3,000 acres (1214 hectares). It was Jackson‘s home as well as his private amusement park containing  a floral clock, numerous artistic garden statues featuring children, and a petting zoo. The amusement park included two railroads.Standing 16,122 square feet tall,on 1.7 acres of prime real estate, the luxury pad includes seven bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. If that’s not impressive enough, the house also has its own 74-seat, medievalstyle chapel that can be doubled as a recording studio.

Michael Jackson's house

Thriller villa: Another of Jackson‘s pride;behind it’s  golden gates, the estate also features a bell tower, a 8,500 square foot basement that’s been transformed into Jackson’s own private art gallery, and a master bedroom that takes up an entire floor .There’s  a fireplace, a seating lounge, and a fully stocked wet bar. The en-suite has a huge shower with its own tiled seat and three sinks.The property boasts of perfectly manicured grounds with paths, two fountains, multiple trellises , outdoor seating areas, a barbecue area, a nine-car garage, and a private guesthouse with a kitchen.Basically, his home speaks of Jackson’s extravagant lifestyle.Actress Kate Moss rented this stunning Malibu mansion once owned by Hollywood diva Elizabeth Taylor in 2006. Kate paid $55,000 per month for the seven-bedroom, six-bath home – overlooking the ocean and offering a gym and a cinema.

Thriller villa of michael jackson

Pamela Anderson has been loved in the ‘Baywatch ‘series.Her imperious Malibu chateau is more like a resort than a home …. what with the elegant outdoor furniture and carefully manicured lawns.Her house, while beautiful and modern—all wood and windows and chic white is punctuated by pink orchids.It stands 2700 sq foot tall with sustainable design.The cost is approx 5 million dollars.Her house itself is a style statement!These celebrities know how to live in gradeur…be it Kirstie Alley, who could probably sleep in a different room every night in her seemingly endless Los Feliz estate or  Zara Phillps and Mike Tindall‘s £800,000 home in Gloucestershire features gorgeous  details …ideal for the newly-married royals.

Pamela Anderson House

A home is a home….be it a mansion, a villa or a palace…It’s that one place where at the end of the day…you’d like to get back for some peace, comfort  & tranquility!




faceless modelling

What do Adele Uddo, Ellen Sirot, Kimbra Hickey and James Furino have in common? All are successful models but while you may not know their faces, you’ll definitely know their bodies. This is called ‘Body Part Modelling‘ or ‘Faceless Modelling’.

From strapping on designer footwear, gracing the cover of Twilight… to hand doubling for A-list stars.…they’ve done it all. They’re what the modeling industry calls ‘ parts models ‘.  They have proved that sometimes all it takes is one great body part to open the door to a huge modeling career.

What’s the demand like?

Parts models are in huge demand in companies who want the perfect hands, legs, feet or other body part to advertise their product. So even if you’re not able to become a high-fashion model, you may still be able to break into the modelling industry through Part modelling . There’s also a demand for beautiful eyes, lips, teeth, hair, stomach, backs, and even earlobes. If you have an attractive feature, you can make it as a parts model.

Types of Part Modelling:

Hand / Foot Modelling .

    Hand or foot models need to have perfect hands & legs. Both male and female hand models should be able to fit in sample gloves or jewellery sizes, and should have long slender hands, straight fingers, uniform nail beds, and a nice even skin tone.

And men’s hands shouldn’t be too hairy. Hands, feet and legs are the most requested body parts.

Ads for accessories like rings, watches, bracelets, cosmetics, medical equipment require such models, both men and women.

Leg modelling: Female  models’  legs should be long , slender and free of blemishes and varicose veins. They also need to be waxed and well moisturized.

Male leg models shouldn’t be overly muscular, and like their female counterparts, their legs should be long, shapely and free of blemishes.

Ads for shoes like Nike or Reebok would feature such leg models.

Earlobes would be used in jewellery or a mobile  ad like a Kalyan jewels ad .A toothpaste ad like Colgate would hire models with white, even & sparkling teethA L‘Oreal or Sunsilk ad would require models with luscious ,silky hair.

How to become a body part model?

It’s not enough to have pretty hands or feet to become a part model. It’s  best to work with people who have experience and direct connections in this specialized market.

Modelling agencies look for nothing but the most exceptional body parts for editorial, advertising, and catalogue work.

How much do Part models earn?

Models can earn around Rs 15000-20000 a day for TV commercials, and  for print work. A top female parts model or a hand model with good legs and feet can make around twenty lakh rupees a year.

Ayesha Billimoria is a well-known name. She body doubled for the likes of Kareena & Deepika .There are many renowned modelling agencies like www.modellingagenciesmumbai.com  which promote Part modelling . So if modelling is your passion but you don’t want to be a runway model or enter a pageant, Part modelling maybe a great option for you.