February 21, 2024
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Top 7 Unconventional Indian Models

Nowadays, being a model is not about how beautiful you are on outside but how beautiful is your heart and how beautiful are your thoughts. The modelling agencies not only pick the best faces and bodies anymore but, they are in search of something unique and out of the box that defines a strong personality. That is the reason India has come up with its first transgender modelling agency.

The unconventionality within you cannot stop you from being a model anymore. There are numerous people out there, who are carrying their unconventional features in style. They are ruling the runways and the social media platforms with their confidence. Not sure about becoming a model with your unusual feature? Look at these 7 Indian unconventional models who can be your inspiration for becoming a model.

Alex Mathew

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Alex Mathew, popularly known as ‘Maya- The Drag Queen’ is a man who dresses up as woman do perform on stage. Performing as a woman has opened a lot of doors for him. His mother did not accept his this interest and asked him to stay and not perform or to perform and leave the house. Alex chose his interest and left the house to keep performing. He did not think of becoming a model but, the Jio Live show gave him the opportunity to showcase his modelling skills. At Jio Live, he walked the ramp for the first time with other ladies for Independence Day, to portray the individuality of people. Later, he received a huge recognition with the eBay campaign, when the pictures of the campaign went viral on social media.

Anjali Lama

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Anjali Lama hit the news when she was selected as the first transgender model to walk the ramp at Lakme Fashion Week. A transgender group that she met in Kathmandu directed her towards a  Blue Diamond Society. It is a Nepali group that advocates for sexual minorities, and soon, she began her sex reassignment surgery and began to work at the outreach centre. Her friend once complimented her saying that he has a great height and killer cheekbones which would be perfect to become a model. So, she started giving auditions for modelling. After few rejections, she was chosen for the Summer/Resort 2017 show at Lakme Fashion Week and that changed her life.

Harnaam Kaur

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Harnaam Kaur, the beard lady, was bullied during her childhood for all the facial hair. Kaur was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries at the age of 12. At first, she dealt with this situation by waxing or plucking her facial hair. Due to the excessive harassment, at the age of 15, she attempted suicide but survived. That is when she realised, “If the bullies are allowed to live, why shouldn’t I?” This was the turning point of her life. Today she proudly showcases her hair and is a very well-known British model, anti-bullying activist, body positive activist, life coach, and motivational speaker who lives in London, UK.

Kean Alvares

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Kean Alvares is an androgyny model. He never considers himself as a model but, his brilliant performance speaks for himself. His modelling career took off when he was introduced to Vikram Bawa who photographed him nude for a shoot. Vikram forwarded those pictures to an international festival and won the first prize. Kean is also a makeup artist; he has worked at M.A.C for years and has presented some noticeable work there. He has also worked with Huemn, a Pranav Mishra’s brand which promotes the concept of gender neutral clothing.

Liza Golden Bhojwani

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Liza Golden Bhojwani, one of the biggest names in the industry today was in a completely different place at the age of 17. When she was 17, she consumed 500 calories daily to maintain her skeletal frame just so she could get herself booked for shows. This was her routine until she fainted in her apartment one night and realised she didn’t want to keep living her life that way. Her husband, ‘Karan Bhojwani’ changed her life. When she met him, she realised, what “true” happiness really was. She started enjoying her life and indulging in things that she did not even would dare to do in past. The passion for exercise kept her in shape instead of being curvy. She started feeling happy about herself and her body after she was curvy. Today is a very popular plus-size model.

Rahul Krishna

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Rahul Krishna is known for androgyny and he is proud of it. He has that passion of constantly stepping into different roles. If the campaign demands that he needs to be a woman, he will be. He does not have any predetermined thoughts or perceptions. He does what the work demands. When he was walking the ramp at a Fashion Week in Delhi, a fashion blogger noticed him and wanted to cover him in his book of India. Later, he was chosen by Ashish Sahu, an Indian photographer for his campaign.

Syed Ali Arif

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Syed Ali Arif is a 40-year-old model who is ruling the fashion industry. His modelling career took a boost when his partner began experimenting with photography. After composing his portfolio, one of his friends saw his pictures and recommended Syed to a stylist. Since then, he has achieved and done many things. He has worked in a movie, did a jewellery campaign, has modelled for independent labels and has also walked the ramp at the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai. The walk at the LFW was a memorable moment for him as he walked for two big designers.  

These are few unconventional models from India who are making India proud. It is not the unconventionality within the models that makes them unconventional, it is ous, the society which defines them so. The fashion and modelling industry has accepted these models and so should we. If you know any such models who have done amazing work and are unique in their own way, do let us know in the comment section below.

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