February 21, 2024
how to recover from acne problem

6 treatments to keep your face free of pimples

how to recover from acne problem

So You have a pimple and the big audition is just round the corner. What do you do to prevent these beauty destroyers and treat them. Fear Not help is at hand. Just follow some of these steps for a pimple free skin.

1) Never pick or puncture your pimple : This is a big NO NO. I repeat: Do not pick or puncture at your pimple. Picking a pimple  will result in longer healing times and is more likely to scar.

2) Steam : Skin loves steam. Heat is a simple way to treat your skin if you feel a blemish coming on. You can use a steam to bring everything to the surface and once it appears, apply a spot treatment.

3) Makeup : Always wash your makeup at night and using the right moisturizer for your skin type Using heavy makeup to make your blemishes visually disappear won’t make them physically disappear.

Using mineral makeup on your skin instead of oil-based products is also advisable. If possible go totally makeup-free for a few days.

4) Honey is one of the best pimples treatment home remedy by far. It is antibacterial and helps fight the pimple causing  bacteria. It also cleans and moisturizes the skin. It also has a mild bleaching effect and prevents scaring. Apply a drop of honey directly on the pimple and Wash it off after an hour or so. You can take steam after washing off the honey, which will additionally clean the pores.

5) Lemon Juice : Lemon Juice is magic for skin. The acidic nature of the juice helps keep the skin dry and clean. Use lemon juice in combination with honey to keep your skin moist and the pimple dry. Lemon juice and orange juice helps tighten skin and acts as an anti-aging agent.

6) Cucumber : This too is a miracle cure for the skin. Just put grated cucumber over the pimple to reduce inflammation or put a thin slice of cucumber over the pimple and notice the pimple disappear overnight. There will be no scar either.