Become A Model And Earn In Crores

Modelling is all about self-love and confidence. You can fill your pockets with money by walking for the best designers. Yes, modelling can give you the opportunity to turn your passion into a profession. There are many models out there who earn plenty in this field.Let us have a look at the list of richest […]

Messy to Classy!

Fashion can be modified as per your choices and the on-going trends. But, there are some interesting and unique fashion hacks that can help you fix some fashion mess that happens to you all of a sudden.   Coating canvas shoes with beeswax During rainy seasons, in order to protect your shoes from getting all […]

10 Important Fashion Vocabularies You Need To Know.

Your sense of styling might be different and unique. But, when you visit top-notch brands there are certain words that they speak, you are unaware of. To make it easy for shopping and enhancing your fashion vocabulary list, here are some trending vocabularies this year.    Bag Lady This term is used by ladies whose hands […]